Amarise Multi Ventures Ltd.

About Us

Rachi Foods stands as a registered trademark under the banner of Amarise Multi Ventures Ltd, an indigenous food processing company experiencing rapid growth. Established in July 2021 in Enugu State, Nigeria, our company is deeply committed to the production of premium, hygienically processed spices and food ingredients that promote both health and well-being.

Our core operations encompass processing, packaging, and distribution, all rooted in the utilization of locally sourced natural ingredients, diligently procured from local smallholder farmers. This approach underscores our dedication to crafting pure organic spices and seasonings, a testament to our mission of advancing good health.

Our diverse array of offerings finds suitability across various sectors, catering to familial consumption, industrial applications, and even export purposes. Notably, our spices proudly bear the distinction of being entirely natural, bereft of any artificial additives, coloring agents, or preservatives.

Our product range encompasses an assortment of offerings, including Ginger powder, Turmeric powder, Garlic powder, Chili pepper, West African Black pepper (Uziza) powder, African/Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru) powder, Negro pepper (Uda) powder, Pepper Soup seasoning powder, Curry powder, Jollof Rice seasoning powder, Cocoyam powder, Dried Ogiri (fermented castor seeds) seasoning, Dried scent leaves, Achi Powder, and Ofor powder (both excellent instant thickeners). These products go beyond merely enhancing the taste and flavor of food; they also bring forth substantial nutritional and medicinal advantages.

As an illustrative instance, consider Ginger, a remedy utilized for countless millennia to address colds and nausea.

Our Vision

To grow and become one of the leading organic spices, herbs and seasoning companies in Nigeria whose brand name will someday become a household name through innovation, customer centric and contributions to nation building.

Our Mission

To consistently maintain international standard in processing and packaging of tasty, safe and nutritious 100% natural spices, herbs and seasoning that promote healthy living.

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